Ukrnafta looking to reactivate numerous abandoned wells, numbering in the thousands
Photo: Ukrnafta

Ukrnafta plans to review the fund of liquidated wells with the aim of resuming production on them, the director of the company, Serhiy Koretskyi, said on the sidelines of the III Lviv Anti-Crisis Oil and Gas Conference Newfolk SCC, the company's press service reports.

According to Koretskyi, a total of 5,600 wells are now closed. If even 10% of them can be restored, it will increase the active well portfolio by almost a third.

"We will review in detail the entire huge well inventory with the aim of its restoration – by drilling lateral horizontal shafts, heavy capital repairs or drilling backups of such wells," said Koretskyi.

During the times of the USSR, oil wells that yielded 5-10 tons per day were simply liquidated, and after Ukraine gained independence, due to lack of money, the wells were often not drilled.

There are 4,300 liquidated wells located within the limits of Ukrnafta's special permits. Part of it is for geological reasons, but most of it is for technical reasons: accidents, breakage of tools, pipes, collapse of columns, etc.

In addition, the company plans to lease liquidated wells of other companies that belong to Ukrnafta, but are located in other entities' licensed areas. There are over 1,300 of them now.

At the beginning of April, Koretskyi announced plans to restore about 500 wells that are not in operation. In the same month, Ukrnafta intensified the drilling of wells in western Ukraine.

In May, Naftogaz launched one of the most powerful wells in recent years.