Russian football club president with Crimea business suspected in Ukraine
Yevgeni Giner. Photo: State Bureau of Investigation

The Ukrainian state bureau of investigation, DBR, has served notices of suspicion on Yevgeni Giner, the president of CSKA Moscow, a football club, who built two thermal power plants in Crimea and supplied ammunition to the Russian army.

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Mr Giner, who is close to the Kremlin, is suspected of aiding and abetting actions to violate Ukraine’s territorial integrity, "which led to grave consequences by prior conspiracy by a group of persons".

In 2019, the suspect, through a company he controlled, started the construction of two thermal power plants in Russian-occupied Crimea.

Those power plants are connected to the Russian power grids, which harms Ukraine's energy security and contributes to Crimea’s dependence on Russia in the energy sector.

Mr Giner also provided the Russian occupiers with a significant amount of ammunition during the armed aggression against Ukraine, having placed orders for the Russian defence ministry last year.

Yevgeni Giner, the president of CSKA Moscow, is under Ukrainian sanctions. He is believed to be linked to Rostec, a corporation which supplies weapons and ammunition to the Russian army.

Last year, a Ukrainian court authorised the confiscation of Mr Giner’s shares in PIN Bank, one of his key assets in Ukraine.

Mr Giner, along with his business partners Mikhail Voevodin and Alexander Babakov, controls five regional energy distribution companies in Ukraine, an enterprise in the city of Zaporizhzhia, and a large hotel chain, Premier Hotels & Resorts, including the five-star Premier Palace in Kyiv and Premier Hotel in Odesa.