Searches at Ukrenergo office, in a possible move to oust its chief
Photo: Ukrenergo

The prosecutor general's office is searching the premises of Ukrenergo, a state-owned company that operates trunk power grids, has learned.

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Contracts with contractors with whom Ukrenergo worked from 2019 to 2023 are being seized, as authorised by a court ruling that has obtained.

The search is part of a criminal proceedings, registered by the Ukrainian interior ministry last week.

It is based on the results of an Ukrenergo audit carried out by the state audit service, reported in March, sources familiar with the matter told

In a statement to, Ukrenergo confirmed the searches were being carried out on its premises.

German Galushchenko, the Ukrainian energy minister, has long wanted to replace Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, who took over Ukrenergo in 2020.

The largest attempt took place in late 2021, when the powers of Ukrenergo's supervisory board expired and a new one had not yet been appointed.

At that time, the energy ministry issued an order to replace five out of seven board members. However, after being made public, the order was never implemented.