More new companies in Ukraine than closed ones during full-scale war, data shows
Photo via Depositphotos

The number of new sole proprietors, or FOPs, registered in Ukraine in a year up to April 2023, exceeded the closed ones, data compiled by Opendatabot, a consultancy focusing on analysis of state statistics, revealed.

During the period, 208,936 FOPs were registered in Ukraine whereas last year did not see the record number of closed businesses despite the full-scale war and numerous blackouts.

In a year until April 2023, 203,921 sole proprietors closed, while in previous years the figure averaged at 260,000.

At the same time, in contrast to small and medium-sized businesses, the number of new companies far exceeded the number of closed ones. While more than 32,000 companies were registered in a year since April 2022, only 5,728 businesses ceased operations and became inactive.

By April 2023, there were 1.9 million FOPs and 1.2 million companies registered in Ukraine, according to Opendatabot.