Cabinet increases price of excise stamps for the first time since 2014 — by 80% at once
Photo: Ukrtyutyun

The Cabinet of Ministers increased the value of excise stamps for alcohol and tobacco products by 80%, the press service of the Ministry of Finance reported on Friday. 

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The cost of the excise stamp for alcoholic beverages increased from 19 kopecks to 35 kopecks, for tobacco products (in particular heated tobacco products and liquids for electronic cigarettes) — from 9 kopecks to 16 kopecks.

The value of the excise tax stamp has not changed since 2014.

Its increase is explained by the increase in costs associated with the production, storage and sale of stamps. The security paper alone, which is used for the production of stamps, in 2023 increased in price by 2.1 times compared to 2022.