In 2024, Ukraine will receive 23.5 billion euros in financial and military aid from international partners, according to the signed security agreements and calculations by UA War Infographics. In addition, there are plans to allocate another 9.4 billion euros over the next few years, although the share for 2024 has not yet been determined.

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The five largest donors are Germany (7.1 billion euros), Japan (4.2 billion euros), France (3 billion euros), the Netherlands and Canada (2 billion euros each).

Spain and Belgium (1 billion euros each), Portugal with 126 million euros, Latvia with 112 million euros (in addition, Latvia will provide defense aid for 0.25% of GDP each year) and Iceland — approximately 27 million euros every year for the next five years.

Due to the fact that in the case of Britain and Sweden it is impossible to determine the exact amount for the year 2024, they are taken into account separately.

The United States, Finland and Italy also plan to provide assistance in the form of security agreements, but specific amounts are not yet known.

These funds will be used to strengthen Ukraine's defense capabilities and support the economy. It is worth noting: the security agreements do not provide for direct military intervention by partners in the event of a new attack on Ukraine.