Famous Russian blogger’s two apartments in Kyiv confiscated

A Kyiv court has authorised the confiscation of the assets of Artem Lebedev, a Russian blogger and propagandist subject to Ukraine sanctions, Inna Bohatykh, director of the sanctions policy department of Ukraine’s justice ministry, said on Tuesday.

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Mr Lebedev’s two apartments in downtown Kyiv, with an area of 138 and 193 square metres, will now be property of the Ukrainian state.

The Russian national could appeal the verdict, which is unlikely given that he has been charged with abetting Russia’s terrorist cause.

In March 2023, Ukraine’s security service said Mr Lebedev had been taking photos on the roof of the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, as well as producing propagandistic content in favour of Russia.

Ukraine has sanctioned a number of Russian individuals and entities suspected of supporting Moscow’s war of aggression.