Ukraine border blockade: PM Tusk calls on Poles to stop protests
Donald Tusk (Photo - EPA Leszek Szymanski)

The Polish authorities cannot allow the blocking of traffic on the border with Ukraine, so as not to harm Ukraine, which is already in a difficult situation due to Russian attacks, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk said after the summit of the European Council, Polish Radio reports.

"I want to appeal to everyone in Poland, without exception, not to do anything that could harm Ukraine. We will have to adopt a decision to protect the Polish border and border crossings," he said.

Tusk noted that the authorities cannot allow crossings to be blocked, regardless of the justification of the protests, because today "we cannot harm Ukraine in any way in a situation where the fate of the war is being decided."

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In particular, he stressed that the border points received the status of critical infrastructure and added that the government is ready to provide further forms of assistance to those who have lost part of their income through no fault of their own.

"I count on reflection and rejection of this form of protest," Tusk said.

On March 27, 2024, tripartite talks were held between Ukraine, Poland and the EU on the issues of unblocking the border. They lasted more than six hours.

On March 28, Polish farmers decided to stop blocking the Uhryniv-Dolhobyczów checkpoint until April 2.

On April 6, Polish protesters partially restored the movement of trucks at the Hrebenne – Rava-Ruska checkpoint.

From April 18 to 20, inclusive, Polish farmers renewed the blockade on the road leading to the Korczowa-Krakivets checkpoint.