Ukraine Govt Expects Fall in Grain Harvest in 2023
Illustration via Depositphotos

Due to smaller land under grain production and a decrease in the average yield caused by the increase in production costs this year’s season, the harvest size in Ukraine this year is likely to fall, the Ministry of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine said Wednesday.

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In 2023, Ukraine’s total gross harvest of grains and pulses is expected to decrease to 44.3 mln tonnes, compared to 53.1 mln tonnes last year.

The barley harvest is expected to decrease from 5.5 mln tons in 2022 to 4.8 mln tons in 2023, and corn harvest from 25.6 mln tons to 21.7 mln tons.

The gross production of oilseeds in Ukraine, however, is expected to increase to 19.2 mln tons against 18.2 mln tons in 2022; the sunflower harvest, to 11.5 million tons against 11.1 million tons; rapeseed, to 3.8 million tons against 3.7 million tons; and soybeans, to 3.9 million tons against 3.4 million tons.

In addition, sugar beet production is expected to increase to 11.3 million tons, from 9.7 million tons last year.

In 2023, 19.3 million hectares are forecasted to be sown, which is indeed comparable to the previous season's figure of 19.8 million hectares.

Forecasts for gross harvest are preliminary and might be adjusted later this year "depending on circumstances, primarily on weather conditions", the Ministry of Agriculture added.