"Expecting the guilty to be punished": Ukraine's official response to the grain incident in Poland
Photo: EPA / Darek Delmanowicz

The Ukrainian Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food has responded to the actions of Polish protesters, who dumped Ukrainian grain from trucks at the border, expressing hope for the swift identification and punishment of those responsible, according to the ministry's statement.

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"We understand when Polish farmers defend their interests in a civilized manner. However, this case of destroying Ukrainian wheat has nothing to do with peaceful protests, neither legally nor morally. We expect swift identification and punishment of the guilty," the ministry stated.

It reminded that many Ukrainian farmers grow grain under constant shelling and suffer huge losses due to the war, and offered Polish farmers to see for themselves.

"The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food invites Polish farmers to Ukraine to see for themselves under what conditions Ukrainian farmers are currently working. Four million small farmers in Ukraine are ready to share their experience with their Polish colleagues," the statement said.

Ukraine's trade representative, Deputy Minister of Economy Taras Kachka, had a much harsher reaction to the actions of the Polish protesters.

"The only thing that can now save [the situation] is to remove all blockades and guarantee the safety of Ukrainian goods in Poland. Otherwise, tomorrow [Rafal] Mekler and his gang will start killing Ukrainians for being Ukrainians. Unfortunately, this is not speculation. The lack of response from the Polish authorities to the destroyed cargo will lead to stronger xenophobia and political violence. Just a month ago, Poland remembered the murder of the Mayor of Gdansk based on political hatred. Now we have another escalation of violence at the common border," he wrote on Facebook.

The Ministry of Agrarian Policy stated that Ukraine is grateful to those Poles who have helped and continue to help the Ukrainian people and expressed confidence that such incidents will not affect the relations between the two countries.