In winter, Ukraine will be able to import more electricity from European Union than now
Photo: Ministry of Energy

Before the beginning of winter, the European Union will increase the carrying capacity for the supply of electricity to Ukraine, said Energy Minister German Halushchenko during the hour of questions to the government in the parliament.

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Negotiations on this issue are taking place at a high level.

"I am sure that this decision will be made by winter," Halushchenko said, adding that he was not ready to talk about specific volumes.

"Technically, today we can receive more than 2 GW. Even 2.4-2.5 GW of electricity, taking into account that last year we built and launched another interconnector with Europe – the Rzeszow – Rivne NPP transmission line. We are working on two more interconnector projects, but [they will not be ready before] this winter. These are projects that will take several years," said the official.

The capacity of interstate crossings between Ukraine and the European Union for import from December 2023 is 1,700 MW. In May 2024, after five massive Russian attacks on energy infrastructure, Ukraine reached a physical maximum in electricity imports.

The permitted limit of electricity export is set at 550 MW.