Since the beginning of 2023, in September, Ukraine exported a record amount of electricity – 111,100 MWh to Slovakia and Moldova, according to the Energy Map open data portal.

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In September, 60% of electricity went to Slovakia (66,700 MWh), and 40% to Moldova (44,400 MWh).

"If we compare with August, when the corresponding supply was extremely small, only 200 MWh, exports increased 544 times! However, compared to September of last year (419,800 MWh) – it decreased almost four times." Dixi Group noted.

At the same time, electricity import last month reached 23,800 MWh: 77% (18,400 MWh) came from Slovakia; and 23% (5,400 MWh) from Moldova.

Ukraine did not attract emergency aid, but applied restrictions on renewable energy source producers.