Ukraine and Norway sign pact expediting cargo shipments
Photo: Depositphotos

Ukraine has expanded the list of countries with which the agreement on freight transportation by road is in force after the "transport visa-free regime" was agreed with Norway, reports the Ministry of Infrastructure. The facilitated regime comes into effect on September 1 and will apply to both bilateral and transit transportation.

The document was signed based on the results of a joint commission of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Ministry of Transport of the Kingdom of Norway.

"Transport visa-free regime" will be extended to trucks of the Euro-5 standard and above. Liberalization of freight transportation will be in effect at least until June 30, 2024.
There is an agreement between the European Union and Ukraine on the liberalization of road transportation, which provides for bilateral and transit transportation without permits, which stipulates the possibility of carrying out permit-free transportation to 27 EU countries.

According to Deputy Minister Serhiy Derkach, the "transport visa-free regime" actually operates with 35 countries.

To take advantage of it, the carrier must have a certificate confirming the environmental class of the truck.

The agreement provides flexibility for various vehicle classes, allowing transportation to be carried out using those with lower environmental standards. During a meeting of the Ukrainian-Norwegian Mixed Commission, the two sides agreed on quotas for permits for the coming year. Ukrainian carriers will be eligible to obtain 250 universal permits as well as 50 additional permits for routes involving third countries.

This builds on Ukraine's progress in streamlining transport connectivity. In June, a "transport visa-free" agreement was also reached with North Macedonia. Quotas for international freight permits through 2024 were additionally set under a separate arrangement with Azerbaijan, facilitating further cargo shipment cooperation across borders.
On June 29, 2022, Ukraine and the European Union signed the Agreement on the carriage of freight by road ("transport visa-free regime").
After the signing of the agreement, the number of carriers crossing the border to the EU increased by 53% compared to the same period in 2021, and the number of crossings increased by 43%.
On March 16, 2023, the parties agreed to extend the regime for another year – until June 30, 2024.