Ukraine to close borders to all Russian transport for 50 years: sanctions project

The measures include a 50-year prohibition on virtually all transportation connections with Russia, as outlined in the official directive, and were endorsed by the Cabinet of Ministers during its meeting on January 19, as part of new sectoral sanctions against Russia.

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The sanctions project entails:

→ Prohibition of direct air travel, including the use of Ukrainian airspace, for all aircraft owned or operated by Russian companies or companies with Russian ownership;
→ Ban on the entry of vehicles registered in Russia;
→ Restriction on entry into Ukraine's customs territory, under all customs regimes, for Russian railcars or locomotives;
→ Prohibition of navigation in Ukraine's inland waters for all Russian vessels and other vessels that have entered the occupied Ukrainian ports.

Ukraine will not recognize documents issued by Russia to sailors in the occupied territories and will prohibit Russian citizens from working on Ukrainian vessels.