Ukraine launches electronic vehicle inspection system nationwide

Ukraine has introduced an electronic vehicle inspection reporting system. Starting today, technical controls now generate e-reports rather than physical documents, according to the Main Service Center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

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The digital system covers commercial, passenger, and cargo vehicles subject to mandatory inspection.

Inspections will entail not only photographs but video recordings of the entire process from start to finish.

Videos will begin six months after the end of martial law to exclude falsified results and verify protocols.

E-reports will contain full inspection details like date, time, and findings.

An electronic copy serves as valid proof of passing the roadworthiness and safety assessment.

Inspection centers must retain all materials—photos, videos, reports—for protocol validity, rejecting incomplete or inaccurate entries.

Mandatory roadworthiness control involves checking the technical condition of the vehicle, namely: braking and steering systems, external lighting devices, pneumatic tires and wheels, light transmission of glass, gas cylinder equipment (if available), other elements directly related to road safety and environmental protection. Identification numbers and license plates of the car are also checked against the data of registration documents and the compliance of the completeness of the vehicle is established.