Power grids damaged in two Ukrainian regions after Russian missile attacks
Illustration via Depositphotos

Russia’s latest missile attack on Ukraine overnight on Monday has left power grids in the Dnipro and Kherson regions significantly damaged, the energy ministry said in a statement.

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Due to the damage, electricity has been cut off for a number of residents in Dnipro and the region, the ministry noted.

Electricity supply in the Kherson region has also become more complicated, with more than 11,000 customers in Kherson and 7,100 in the region cut off.

The energy ministry says that it will take several days to fully repair the damage to power grids, adding that power generating facilities have reportedly been intact.

"Energy infrastructure comes under fire every day in different regions of the country. However, our power engineers are trying to restore electricity to people as soon as possible, often risking their lives and health," energy minister German Galushchenko was quoted as saying.

He assured that power engineers were working to restore electricity supply around the clock.

In particular, electricity supply has been restored to over 7,000 customers in the Donetsk region and about 3,000 in the Sumy region over the past day.

Russia started targeting Ukrainian power plants and other energy infrastructure with missiles in October 2022, which led to widespread rolling blackouts.

Since February, however, there has been no electricity shortage in Ukraine due to a combination of factors, including the load of all nuclear power plants, warm weather, flooding on the Dnipro River, and imports from Europe.