Assistance to Ukraine augments investment influx for individual states, White House says
Photo: RTX

Individual states received multibillion-dollar investments thanks to the fact that the USA helps Ukraine. The most are Pennsylvania, Arizona and Texas, Reuters writes with reference to materials prepared by the White House in an attempt to win the support of Republicans who do not support aid to Kyiv.

While three of Pennsylvania's eight Republican congressmen voted against it, White House figures show the state received $2.36 billion in spending and investment in weapons and ammunition production.

The situation is similar in some other key states: Texas received $1.45 billion, and 18 out of 25 Republicans from that state voted against aid to Ukraine; $2.2 billion went to Arizona, while three out of six Republicans voted against it.

In its latest request for $106 billion in aid to Ukraine, Israel, Taiwan, and to strengthen the border, the White House also points out that weapons for Ukraine are also jobs for Americans.

Part of this money will go to American companies to replace equipment sent abroad. In the request, Joe Biden mentioned Patriot missile systems manufactured by Raytheon in Arizona and "artillery shells manufactured in 12 states across the country," including Pennsylvania, Ohio and Texas.

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen believes that financial and military aid to Ukraine is in the national interests of the United States and that Ukraine cannot be allowed to lose because it did not have enough money.

77% of the members of the Congress would support the bill on financing Ukraine, if the package includes money for Israel and strengthening the southern border of the USA.

The US Senate will begin considering bills on aid to Israel and Ukraine as early as next week.