Nova Poshta to return to Georgia
Photo: Nova Poshta

Nova Poshta is going to enter the Georgian market for the second time. The first attempt ended unsuccessfully, the company's co-owner Volodymyr Popereshniuk told

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"Georgia's experience showed us that we cannot approach different markets with the same measure, and even a country so close to us can turn out to be radically different in terms of its habits, mentality, and consumer demands. In other words, we slightly overestimated the market's readiness for our services in that the format in which we provided them at that time," he said.

Popereshniuk suggests that the owners of Nova Poshta should have paid more attention to Georgia.

"When opening new markets, there are no trivial decisions — they are all strategic. At that moment, we were not ready to delegate less authority to management, so we decided to stop in Georgia. Now we have processed our mistakes and learned all the necessary lessons," he stated.

Asked whether Nova Poshta is going to return to Georgia, Popereshniuk said: "Of course, when we have the skills to work abroad."

Nova Poshta opened its first six branches in Georgia in 2014, but they were later closed without explanation.

Aside from Ukraine, the postal and courier company operates branches in Poland and Lithuania.

Nova Poshta also has plans to enter the markets of Germany, Romania, Estonia and Latvia.