Ukrainian procurement system to adapt to World Bank rules
Photo: Prozorro

Prozorro, a Ukrainian electronic public procurement system, has developed a procedure for the funds of international organisations that will finance Ukraine's reconstruction in adherence with World Bank rules.

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The new system will combine the key principle of the Ukrainian electronic system ‘everyone sees everything’ with the ability to flexibly customise procurement in accordance with the requirements of a particular donor.

The system will be presented to key international donors later today, Prozorro said in a statement.

Ukrainian deputy economy minister Nadiia Bihun said this will play an important role in Ukraine reconstruction.

"The recent scandals have clearly shown how critical it is for our society to see what funds are spent on, locally, and to influence these processes," she was quoted as saying.

"In addition, if Prozorro is used as a single system for procurement for reconstruction, we will be able to involve Ukrainian business in these procurements as much as possible and develop the local economy."

In December 2022, the World Bank recommended the use of Prozorro for all reconstruction procurement and provided recommendations for adapting the system to the World Bank's rules.

Those include the introduction of the 'designer' principle, according to which a procurement organisation will be able to define the rules of the procurement procedure in accordance with the requirements of any donor.