Terminal already being built for transshipment of wagons for Eurotrack near border with Romania
Photo: AktivProekt

The construction of the multimodal transport terminal "Fishka Nov" has started In Chernivtsi Oblast. It will accept wagons from the Ukrainian gauge with a width of 1520 mm and will transfer them to wagons with a European gauge of 1435 mm, reported AktivProekt company, which provides engineering services.

The multimodal terminal is designed for the reception of rail and road transport, intermediate storage and shipment to rail and road transport of various types of cargo, in particular bulk materials (for example, grain) and cargo in containers.

In addition, the technological equipment of the multimodal terminal provides for the transportation and transshipment of bulk cargoes without intermediate storage – from wagon to wagon, from truck to wagon, from wagon to truck.

Terminal already being built for transshipment of wagons for Eurotrack near border with Romania
Visualization: AktivProekt

The capacity of the transshipment terminal is 1,000 tons per hour.

The design productivity of the transport equipment allows for shipping 54 wagons of 70 tons each, which will come from the territory of Ukraine, in four to five hours and load 32 wagons of 50 tons each (rolling stock) on a track of 1435 mm in two hours.

The terminal is being built in the village of Hlyboka near the border with Romania. The project is implemented by the private enterprise Fishka Nov (owners are five residents of Chernivtsi Oblast, the largest share is held by Inna Shalar), the director is Ion Shalar. A person with the same name previously worked in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, was the deputy head of the Chernivtsi Department for Combating Organized Crime.

In 2023, the European Commission and the European Investment Bank developed a strategy for the integration of railway networks of Ukraine, Moldova and the European Union. It envisages the construction in Ukraine and Moldova of a new 1435 mm main track network, which will work in parallel with the current 1520 mm network.

In 2024, Ukraine plans to start the construction of the first section of the Mostyska – Sknyliv Eurotrack from the border with Poland to Lviv.