Romania's ruling party demands embargo on Ukrainian agricultural products
Photo: EPA

The Social Democratic Party of Romania demands that its government join the embargo on the import of grain and food products from Ukraine, according to a statement published on its website. Allegedly, such a measure is necessary to protect local farmers.

At the same time, social democrats believe that Bucharest should continue to support Kyiv in the form of transit of agricultural products to other countries.

"The SDP will demand from the coalition the adoption of a political decision that obliges the Romanian government to urgently issue a normative act to temporarily stop the import of agricultural food products from Ukraine, as happened in other states that share a border with this country," the party said.

It wants the countries of Eastern Europe, which "suffered from exports from Ukraine", to jointly start negotiations with the European Commission and Ukraine regarding the settlement of the situation.

The Minister of Agriculture, Petre Daea, in a comment to the local outlet Digi24, said that the grain crisis should be solved by legal decisions, "and not motivated by the desire to get opportunistic electoral capital."

Poland and Hungary on April 15-16 and Slovakia on April 17 suspended the import of grain and other food products from Ukraine. Bulgaria is planning a similar step.