Energy security now for sale as government enables blackout exemption for certain firms
Photo: Yasno

The Ministry of Economy has published on its website clarifications regarding blackout exemptions in the electricity market, which will allow businesses to avoid shutdowns in the event of a shortage of generating capacity in the power system.

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"This winter, there remains a risk of continued energy terror from Russia. The aggressor will try to strike us again, destroying energy infrastructure facilities. To help domestic business work stably in the event of a shortage of electricity, the government has ensured the possibility of importing it from neighboring countries – Slovakia, Hungary , Romania, Poland. The amount of permitted electricity import from Europe is 1,700 MW for Ukraine and Moldova," said Minister Yulia Svyrydenko in her comments.

Restrictions may be imposed on enterprises that will import electricity only to prevent a systemic breakdown in the combined energy system.

A similar mechanism was in place last winter, but it expired on April 30.

The ministry believes that the new order is better: compared to last year, costs for purchasing imported electricity are reduced and administration is simplified, and the term of the decree will be in effect until the end of martial law.

In order to qualify for an exemption, a non-domestic consumer must meet several criteria:

→ have an automated energy resource control and accounting system;
→ the share of imports from October to April exceeds 50% of hourly consumption (in May-September this indicator should exceed 30%);
→ have no debt for imports.

At the end of November, Ukrenergo reported several times about a significant shortage of electricity in the system. The last time was yesterday.