Russian gasoline output plummets after refinery attacks, forcing increased fuel imports from Belarus
Moscow Refinery (Photo: EPA / MAXIM SHIPENKOV)

Russia faced a sharp drop in gasoline production after a series of Ukrainian drone strikes on oil refineries. This is evidenced by the data of the Russian Federal State Statistics Service.

In the week from March 18 to 24, gasoline production in Russia fell by 7.4% to 754,600 tons compared to the previous week.

A week earlier, 815,300 tons of gasoline were produced in Russia, and 838,900 tons in the week from March 4 to 10. Thus, in three weeks, the Russian economy lost 10% of gasoline production.

The output of diesel fuel during the same period decreased slightly, to 1.648 million tons.

March 4-10March 11-17March 18-24
Gasoline (thousand tons)838.9815.3754.6
Diesel (thousand tons)1,6801,638.81,648.1

Reuters reported that Russia has started importing gasoline from Belarus amid a reduction in domestic supplies. Volumes are still very small, but they are increasing.

In the first half of March, imports reached almost 3,000 tons, sources familiar with the statistics told Reuters. In February, Russia imported 590 tons, and in January there were no deliveries from Belarus.

Russian oil production fell to a 10-month low after the drone attacks, according to Bloomberg.

The Ryazan Refinery is operating at 36% of its capacity, and the Nizhny Novgorod Refinery is at 64%. Both were attacked by drones. Oil refineries in Syzran and Samara stopped completely.