Centrenergo to launch 8 power units this winter. Protective structures being built at TPPs
Trypil TPP (photo - Wikipedia)

During the next cold season, Centrenergo plans to launch eight power units with a total capacity of 1,640 MW. Currently, the company's power plants are undergoing restoration work as the workers are eliminating the consequences of hits during Russian attacks, reported the website of the State Property Fund.

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To ensure the operation of thermal power plants under the conditions of continued Russian attacks, the company hopes to install protective structures. 100% of the works on their arrangement have already been completed at the Trypillia Thermal Power Plant, and 70% at the Zmiyiv TPP.

Centrenergo runs three thermal power plants: Trypillia, Zmiyiv and Vuhlehirsk (temporarily occupied). Centrenergo enterprises play a key role in the production of electricity for the central regions of Ukraine.

For uninterrupted operation in the fall-winter period, the power units of Trypillia and Zmiyiv TPP will operate in a mixed format – on coal, gas and fuel oil.

The coal requirement of the two TPPs for the winter period, according to the forecast, is 1.7 million tons, which is currently being stored in warehouses. The main suppliers under current contracts are the state-owned enterprises "Ukrvuhillya" and "Volynvuhillya", LLC "Shakhta 1-3 Novohrodivska". Negotiations are also underway with DTEK, DP and "Shakhta Krasnolymanska" LLC.

"At the same time, the supply of gas as an alternative type of fuel until the end of the company's heating season is guaranteed by Naftogaz Trading LLC," the message states.

Centrenergo also intends to resume the use of Ukrainian-produced fuel oil to reduce the cost of electricity.

At the end of July, acting CEO Viktor Spychka said that Centrenergo has problems with preparing for the heating season. He explained this by the fact that the power units of thermal power plants are worn out by 90% due to outdated equipment that was installed at the power plant in the 1960s and 1970s. At the same time, Centrenergo enterprises have problems with obtaining spare parts, as they were delivered from the CIS countries.

Before the cold season kicks in, the thermal generation facilities must accumulate 1.8 million tons of coal in warehouses, said First Deputy Minister of Energy Yuriy Vlasenko. As of the beginning of August, a deficit of 100,000 tons of fuel for generating capacity was recorded.

On August 4, 2023, Naftogaz filed a lawsuit against Zmiyiv TPP of the state-owned Centrenergo to collect UAH 2.74 billion ($74.2 million) in debt for the supply of natural gas.