Ukraine loses over $500,000 a day due to stoppage of electricity exports to Slovakia
Photo: EPA

Ukraine loses UAH 20 million ($541,200) per day due to the stoppage of electricity exports to Slovakia, the head of the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission Kostiantyn Ushchapovskyi said on Wednesday.

The regulator's website states that in connection with this situation, it decided to plan an unscheduled inspection.

"The situation with the termination of the export of electricity to Slovakia is extraordinary. The profit from the export of electricity is critically important for the restoration of the energy infrastructure damaged by the enemy, for preparation for the next cold season. As a result of the stoppage of exports to Slovakia, Ukraine loses about UAH 20 million ($541,200) per day," said Ushchapovskyi.

The reason for the inspection of Ukrenergo is the failure to provide information regarding "steps taken, organizational measures and processes aimed at ensuring the holding of auctions for the distribution of capacity of interstate crossings in the direction of Ukraine—Slovakia."

The supply of electricity to Slovakia has been stopped since April 21 due to the lack of a procedure for holding joint auctions for access to interstate crossings.

Ukrenergo stated that such an order should be approved by the NEURC .

Ushchapovskyi assured that the regulator is taking measures to urgently restore the export of Ukrainian electricity to Slovakia.

On April 7, after a six-month break, Ukraine resumed electricity exports , starting with Moldova and Poland.

Slovakia joined them on April 17, but supplies to this country stopped already on April 21.