Ukraine renewing calls for emergency aid as critical energy shortages persist

Ukraine's state energy company Ukrenergo has announced the country had to activate emergency assistance from neighboring power grids for the third consecutive day.

Even with temperatures 4 degrees lower than the previous peak, evening demand on August 23 was only 3% below the summer high.

According to Ukrenergo, Poland and Romania provided 1,800 MWh of emergency aid between 6-10 PM to fulfill demand.

Energy experts clarified this non-commercial import measure is only utilized as a last resort to maintain grid stability without blackouts.

The primary factor behind Ukraine's electricity deficit is extensive damage to thermal and hydropower facilities from Russian attacks.

Domestic production is down while imports, like the maximum 30 MW from Slovakia in evenings, are inadequate.

On August 24, Russian forces also struck a thermal plant forcing it offline as shortages persist.

Ukraine continues working to bolster energy security amid active hostilities.