Last weekend, Ukrainians set new record for electricity consumption due to heat wave
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On the weekend of August 19 and 20, the demand for electricity broke another record, reports Ukrenergo.

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Sunday, August 20, recorded the highest consumption on a day off, which was 0.3% more than the previous record on Saturday, August 5.

According to Ukrenergo, in general, consumption and temperature were abnormally high at the weekend. In particular, on Saturday, the consumption level was 5% higher than on the previous Saturday, August 12, and yesterday's figure exceeded last Sunday's values by 10%.

NEC Ukrenergo noted that on August 21, electricity is imported from Slovakia and Moldova in the morning and evening hours with the maximum capacity in certain hours up to 518 MW. At the same time, there is no export.

Ukrainians have been once again urged to consume electricity sparingly.

At the end of July, acting CEO of Centrenergo Viktor Spychka said that the company has problems with preparing for the cold season. He explained this by the fact that the power units of thermal power plants are worn out by 90% due to outdated equipment that was installed at the power plant in the 1960s and 1970s. At the same time, Centrenergo enterprises have problems with obtaining spare parts, as they were previously supplied from the CIS countries.