Ukrnaftoburinnia and Tatneft gas stations to be managed by state-owned companies – ARMA
Ihor Kolomoiskyi (Photo: Depositphotos)

The state Agency for Recovery and Management of Assets (ARMA) together with the government is looking for a manager for the seized assets of Sakhalinske LLC, Ukrnaftoburinnia PJSC, and Tatneft gas stations. There are plans for them to be transferred to the management of state-owned enterprises, ARMA head Dmytro Zhoravovych said in a comment to news agency UNN.

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According to him, ARMA together with the Cabinet of Ministers have developed a mechanism that allows for a simplified procedure to transfer seized assets to the management of state-owned enterprises. Currently, under this procedure, seized assets of Sakhalinske LLC, Ukrnaftoburinnia PJSC, and Tatneft gas station are being transferred to state-owned enterprises.

"It was with the direct participation and support of the Cabinet of Ministers that a mechanism was developed that allows strategic assets to be transferred to management under a simplified procedure. Currently, this mechanism is working successfully – the CHP in Lviv Oblast, 26 regional gas companies, and the network of gas stations "Glusco" have been transferred to the management of state companies," said Zhoravovych.

He also added that ARMA is waiting for the assistance of government officials in agreeing on changes to regulations that will allow the sale of "Medvedchuk's yacht".

Ever since Ukraine gained independence, there has been an endless war for the right to access the field owned by Ukrnaftoburinnia. Until 2009, the main shareholder of Ukrnaftoburinnia was the former Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources Mykola Zlochevskyi. However, already at the end of 2009, Zlochevskyi sold his share to the so-called Privat group of oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky and Hennadiy Boholyubov. The agreement allowed Kolomoisky-Boholyubov to concentrate 90% of the company's shares in their hands.

On May 4, at the request of the Prosecutor General's Office, the court again seized the shares of the second-largest private gas company in Ukraine. The shares of Ukrnaftoburinnia were again transferred to the balance sheet of the Agency for Recovery and Management of Assets (ARMA), and the attempt of the company's shareholders to cancel the arrest and return one of the largest gas fields in the country failed. Now the shareholders of Ukrnaftoburinnia are threatening Ukraine with an international court.