European Union proposes to make joint gas purchases permanent

The European Union intends to make joint purchases of gas on a permanent basis, reports Bloomberg with reference to the document of the European Commission.

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Currently, such gas purchases are a temporary measure to prevent energy price spikes. This mechanism appeared as a response to last year's energy crisis.

According to the document, the European Commission proposes to expand its scope by adding the purchase of hydrogen and decarbonized gases such as biomethane. In the future, joint procurement may include other energy goods or services, such as carbon capture and storage.

Participation in the joint procurement platform will be voluntary and will become mandatory only in the event of another energy crisis.

This mechanism, as before, will prohibit the purchase of gas in Russia due to its aggression against Ukraine, its use of energy as a weapon, as well as the goal of diversification of supplies, aimed at abandoning Russian fossil fuels.

Bloomberg points out that the European Commission recognized the successful model of joint gas purchases. Two tenders have already been held, which made it possible to find and order 23 billion cubic meters of gas, which is equivalent to approximately 15% of annual pre-war supplies from Russia.