Emergency outages unlikely in Ukraine this summer, Ukrenergo says

Ukraine’s state energy company, Ukrenergo, does not foresee any emergency outage schedules for consumers in August, even though this month will be difficult for the power system.

Volodymyr Kudrytskyi, CEO Ukrenergo, said the, which might arise due to the further shutdown of some power units, could be overcome by importing electricity from Europe.

"The next week or two will be particularly difficult. However, we do not anticipate any power outages. We expect to cope with the increased load on the power system even with a reduced number of power plant units in operation.

"Imports of electricity from Europe will help us. As an operator, we provide the technical capability to import electricity. Today, it exists in the amount of 1200 MW, which is more than the capacity of one nuclear unit," Mr Kudrytskyi was quoted as saying.

He added the likelihood of blackouts in any region directly depends on the nature and success of Russian attacks on energy infrastructure.

"We are preparing generators or alternative batteries, and saving electricity, especially in the evening, when consumption increases. Saving does not mean refusing to use electricity, it means getting used to using it rationally," Ukrenergo’s chief said.