Norway to join European ban on entry for Russian-registered cars
Photo: EPA

Norway has decided to close the borders for cars with Russian licence plates, the country’s foreign ministry’s state secretary Eivind Vad Petersson said on Tuesday.

"Like Finland, Norway will impose restrictions on the entry and use of cars with Russian registration in the country," Mr Petersson was quoted by Norwegian broadcaster NRK as saying.

"We are currently considering how to do this and will soon come back with concrete measures."

Norway will be Russia’s last western neighbour—not counting Belarus and Ukraine—to ban the entry of cars with Russian licence plates.

Poland introduced the ban on 17 September; Finland, on 16 September; and Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia on 13 September.

The ban was based on an European commission recommendation, which decided that entry into the EU by cars registered in Russia is considered illegal imports, regardless of whether the vehicle is used for private or commercial purposes.

Norway is not part of the EU but is a member of the European Economic Area and supports EU sanctions against Russia.