Only cargo checkpoint on Romanian border hit
Photo: Odesa Regional State Administration

The Ukrainian state border guard service has suspended the ferry crossing between Ukraine and Romania after Russia’s drone attack overnight on Tuesday, it said in a statement.

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Border crossing is temporarily now allowed at the Orlivka checkpoint on the border with Romania, and all cars are being redirected to other destinations, such as the Reni checkpoint.

There are 14 checkpoints on the border between Ukraine and Moldova, but Orlivka has the only freight ferry in the Odesa region.

The Reni checkpoint is located on the border with Moldova.

"Measures to stabilise its functioning" are being taken at the Orlivka checkpoint, the Ukrainian state border guard service said, adding that it will update on the resumption of its work.

According to the Odesa regional prosecutor's office, following the nighttime shelling, criminal proceedings were opened regarding violation of the laws and customs of war by Russia.

In addition, granaries, administrative buildings, and trucks in the Odesa region were damaged, and two truck drivers got injured.