Share of Ukrainians who want to stay in Poland halves in one year

The share of Ukrainians who decided to stay in Poland decreased to 19% as of March 2024 from 36% in April 2023, as evidenced by the survey results of the analytical center of the international employment agency Gremi Personal.

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At the same time, the share of those who finally decided to return to Ukraine decreased: from 55% in April last year to 38% now.

Among Ukrainians who intend to return to Ukraine, 13% will leave Poland within six months, 10% within a year, and 15% within five years.

During the year, a new category of Ukrainians emerged – those who currently have difficulty deciding on their plans to return to Ukraine – 43% of the respondents. According to the results of last year's survey, Ukrainians had clear plans for their future in Poland: they were going to either stay, return, or move to another country (7%).

"The study shows that the number of those who definitely planned to stay in Poland decreased by 17% compared to last year. This is a gigantic figure, considering the number of Ukrainians living in Poland. The question of people's motivation to return to their homeland is an extra credit question for of the Ukrainian government. We need to work the most with people who are still hesitating in their decision," commented Yevhen Kyrychenko, founder of Gremi Personal.

The survey was conducted using an electronic questionnaire from December 2023 to March 2024, in which 1,150 Ukrainians in Poland took part.