Inspections of grain exporters in Odesa Oblast find 40% evading taxes

Up to 40% of grain exporters operate illegally, according to an inspection of ports in Odesa Oblast, regional governor Oleh Kiper has said, citing a new order imposing financial discipline under martial law. Checks of the first 32 exporters found that about 30-40% work "in the shadows".

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The origin of grain was analyzed from 21 companies found to properly pay all taxes. However, 11 enterprises had unclear sources of grain, according to Kiper's social media post detailing the inspection's initial findings.

Many of the non-compliant enterprises were not based in Odesa, according to the regional administration head. Their cases will be further investigated by the appropriate law enforcement bodies.

Kiper confirmed ships will only load cargo after a preliminary review confirms the grain's legal origin. All customs declarations must now be registered before export goods are loaded.

Exporters have been invited to sign a memorandum of cooperation with Odesa authorities to eliminate illegal practices in grain shipping. 26 companies have already joined the initiative, according to Kiper.