Ukraine manages to unblock transit of agricultural products through Poland
Photo: Yulia Svyrydenko/Facebook

The transit of Ukrainian agricultural products through the territory of Poland will be unblocked during the night of Thursday to Friday (April 20 to 21), announced the Minister of Economy, Yulia Svyrydenko, following negotiations with the Polish side.

"We treat the problems that have arisen among our Polish colleagues with the same attention as Poland treats our problems. Therefore, we have to respond promptly and constructively to this crisis situation," the minister wrote on Facebook.

She added that the Polish side informed Kyiv about the technical aspects of transporting Ukrainian products through the territory of Poland.

"We are sure that Ukrainian exporters will pay heed to these requirements in a responsible manner," the minister said.

Ukraine pledged to stop grain exports to Poland due to protests by local farmers on April 7. Farmers believe that Ukrainian grain has collapsed domestic prices in Poland, and local producers are forced to work at a loss.

At the end of last week, Poland officially banned the import of Ukrainian grain until June 30, and on April 16, Hungary followed suit.

Ukraine and Poland started negotiations on unblocking the import of agricultural products on Monday.

On April 18, 2023, the European Commission agreed to allocate 100 million euros for farmers in EU countries to resolve the crisis with Ukrainian grain.

On April 18, the German minister reprimanded Poland for banning the import of grain from Ukraine: "This plays in the hands of Putin."

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