GTS Operator and Gaz System unveil project to enhance gas transportation to Ukraine
Photo: Operator of GTS of Ukraine/Facebook

The operator of Ukraine's GTS and Poland's Gaz System jointly introduced a pioneering project to boost guaranteed capacities for gas transportation from Poland to Ukraine. The project, meticulously designed in adherence to the business rules set forth by the European Union, was presented to key stakeholders in the gas market. This collaborative initiative aims to enhance the efficiency and reliability of gas transportation while aligning with European standards, reported the press service of the GTS Operator.

Back in 2021, the operators of the gas transportation systems of Ukraine and Poland conducted an assessment of market demand, which confirmed the interest of market participants in the capacity of 8.7 million cubic meters for the transportation of gas in the Ukrainian direction.

According to the results of the demand assessment, the operators have developed a project to increase capacity. The project envisages the construction of a gas pipeline and a gas measuring station by Gaz System and the reconstruction of the compressor station on the part of Ukraine's GTS Operator.

The next stage is the booking at auctions of the combined new (increased) capacity for the period from October 1, 2030 to September 30, 2045. The auctions will be held on July 3, 2023 on the GSA platform.

The next step in the implementation of the project will be an economic test based on the results of the auctions. Only after a positive result, the GTS operators will be able to conclude an agreement on the implementation of the project and start work in accordance with the approved plan-schedule.

"Implementation of this long-term project will allow businesses to obtain guarantees of stable transportation of resources from Poland. Moreover, Poland is actively working on the creation of its own energy hub, developing the capacity of LNG and pipeline gas transportation of non-Russian origin," commented Andriy Yefanov, head of the support department of the GTS Operator's auction platform.

According to him, the possibility of physical transportation will become available to non-resident companies and Ukrainian traders for the supply or storage of gas in underground storage facilities.

GTS Operator and Gaz System unveil project to enhance gas transportation to Ukraine
Source: Operator of the GTS of Ukraine

On May 12, 2023, the Cabinet of Ministers began preparing corporate reform at the GTS Operator, which is one of the "beacons" of the IMF.

On May 19, the GTS Operator began purchasing gas on the Ukrainian exchange.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Denys Shmyhal said that Ukraine is going to accumulate only 14 billion cubic meters of gas in storage before winter.