US contributes to financing of Ukraine Energy Support Fund

The United States contributed 23 million euros to the Ukraine Energy Support Fund, marking the first contribution of the US government to the Fund, created at the initiative of the Ministry of Energy of Ukraine and the European Commission, the press service of the Ministry of Energy reports.

Fund money is used for the purchase of equipment necessary for the recovery of energy companies.

After the US contribution, the total amount of obligations for contributions from sponsors to the Energy Support Fund reached 329 million euros. Of these, 192 million euros were actually transferred to the Fund's account from 15 sponsors of the public and private sectors of different countries.

The rest of the sums are announced and formalized contributions, which will be credited to the Fund's account in the near future, the ministry specified.

Since the beginning of the year, the Fund has concluded 132 agreements on the purchase of energy equipment, fuel and materials for a total amount of almost 100 million euros.

The Ukraine Energy Support Fund was established in the spring of 2022. It provides an opportunity for governments, international financial organizations, as well as private donors to provide substantial support to the Ukrainian energy sector.
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