Ukraine has problems with electricity export — Ukrenergo

The uninterrupted export of electricity to European countries is hindered by the lack of a procedure for holding joint auctions for access to cross-border transmission, and the National Energy and Utilities Regulatory Commission (NEURC) is delaying the approval of this procedure, the energy system operator Ukrenergo stated on Facebook. 

The lack of an approved procedure has already led to the fact that Slovakia stopped importing Ukrainian electricity from April 21.

"For several years, Ukrenergo repeatedly appealed to the regulator with a request to approve such an order according to European rules. Specialists provided all the necessary data and documents for this," the statement reads.

The company adds that since May 2022, the Ministry of Energy has also been regularly informed that the issue of joint auctions remains unresolved.

As Inna Sovsun, a member of the Verkhovna Rada committee on energy issues, explained, procedurally, operators of countries that buy or sell electricity must hold joint auctions, the income of which is distributed among the participating countries. But in order to support Ukraine, the neighboring countries refused such revenues for the benefit of Ukrenergo for a year.

"They cannot do this further, they will simply stop cooperating with us as Slovakia has done," Sovsun wrote on Facebook.

Ukrenergo adds that despite the fact that the NEURC has not yet adopted the procedure for holding joint auctions in accordance with European rules, the company continues to work with partners and do everything possible to ensure that the export of electricity can take place within the framework of the regulatory framework established by the Ukrainian regulator.

Meanwhile, electricity is currently exported to Poland and Moldova.

On April 7, after a half-year break caused by Russian missile attacks targeting energy infrastructure, Ukraine resumed electricity exports.

From Monday, April 17, Ukraine started exporting electricity to Slovakia, which became the third country in Europe that started buying Ukrainian energy after the resumption of exports.