Ukraine pleads with Poland to help absorb surplus power supplies to keep RES operating

Thanks to the windy and sunny weather, the production of electricity from renewable sources has increased significantly, forming a surplus in the grid when production exceeds the level of electricity consumption in the country, reported the press service of Ukrenergo.

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In order to maintain the balance between consumption and production and to avoid limiting the operation of power plants on RES (renewable sources of electricity), Ukrenergo today turned to the Polish power system operator PSE with a request for emergency assistance in the form of an urgent purchase of surplus Ukrainian electricity.

The Polish operator was offered to buy 900 MWh during daytime hours.

This will help to avoid costs for compensation for limiting the operation of RES facilities, the state company explains.

Last week, Ukrenergo already turned to Poland with a similar proposal. At that time, the surplus was 690 MWh.

Now, it is planned to export electricity in the total volume of 700 MWh to Slovakia, Moldova and Romania, which will be carried out at night.

The increase in electricity production was also influenced by the start-up after repair of a unit at one of the thermal power plants, adds Ukrenergo.

On Thursday, Ukraine held the first electricity export and import auction according to European rules.