European Commission to fund half of modernization for 7 border crossings in Ukraine
Photo: SBGSU/Facebook

On the border of Ukraine and the EU, six projects will be implemented to modernize seven checkpoints within the framework of the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) programme. The projects were developed jointly with Poland, Romania, Hungary and Slovakia, reports the press service of the Ministry of Community Development, Territories and Infrastructure.

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According to the program, road and railway checkpoints, approach tracks, truck parking lots will be modernized, and equipment for customs and border control will be purchased.

The projects are implemented on the terms of co-financing: 50% of the funds are allocated by the states-authors of the projects, and 50% by the European Commission.

In particular, the programme will cover the following checkpoints:

"Jagodzin – Dorohusk"

"Krakivets – Korczowa"

"Mostyska II – Medyka"

"Porubne – Siret"

"Vadul-Siret – Dornesti"

"Berezhanka – Luzhanka"

"Záhony – Chop"

The total cost of projects approved by the European Commission is more than 200 million euros.