Polish carriers to block the Dorohusk-Jagodzin checkpoint until June
The Dorohusk-Jagodzin checkpoint. Photo via State Border Service of Ukraine / Facebook

The Dorohusk-Jagodzin border crossing, one of the busiest on the Ukraine-Poland border, will be blocked by Polish farmers in protest, Ukraine’s state border service warned on Friday.

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The carriers in Poland oppose the lifting of permits for Ukrainian drivers, something they believe undercut competition.

The protests will limit the transit through the checkpoint only to vehicles carrying humanitarian aid, dangerous goods, and animals to Ukraine, the state border service said in a statement, adding that buses in both directions will be crossing as usual

The movement of trucks through the Dorohusk-Jagodzin checkpoint is, however, hampered, and  Ukrainian truck drivers are asked to plan their travel accordingly.

The protest has been tentatively agreed with Polish law enforcement agencies until 3 June 2023, the western regional department of Ukraine’s state border service added.

The Dorohusk-Jagodzin checkpoint, the busiest on the Ukrainian-Polish border, was earlier blocked by Polish farmers protesting against the export of Ukrainian agricultural products.