Izmail seaport fulfills annual cargo handling plan in record five months
Photo: USPA/Facebook

As of the morning of Tuesday, the Izmail seaport fulfilled the annual plan for cargo handling in the amount of 6.18 million tons. This is a record pace for the entire history of the port's existence, reports the press service of the Ukrainian Sea Ports Authority.

The state enterprise "Izmail Sea Trade Port" (2.65 million tons) and the private companies Dunaisudnoremont (1.28 million tons) and IRP Dunaisudnoservis (805,000 tons) processed the largest volumes of cargo, according to the USPA.

The main positions in the cargo nomenclature of the Izmail seaport by transshipment volumes are grain, oil, meal, sunflower, and iron ore raw materials.

The capacity of the port to export agricultural products increased after the launch of berths for cargo operations with grain and oil by new terminal operators, as well as after the construction of a new terminal by the Nibulon company.

"The increase in the throughput capacity of the Izmail seaport, which today processes a significant share of Ukrainian exports, was facilitated by the restoration of navigation in the Bystre canal, the increase of the port's water area and dredging works," added USPA head Yuriy Lytvyn.