After Russia's withdrawal from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, Ukrainian seaports of Greater Odesa and the Danube were almost daily under Russian drone and missile attacks. The export of Ukrainian grain by sea was on the verge of disruption.

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Read in the interview with with Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Yuriy Vaskov about how Ukraine was able to ensure the export of agricultural products by sea again, how Ukrainian ports live, and thanks to whom they are being restored.

Last year, Russia withdrew from the Black Sea Grain Initiative. How was it possible to set up the work of grain export by sea without its participation? What were the main problems, if not to take into account massive shelling?

First of all, I will remind you that before the large-scale invasion, almost 60% of the turnover and 80% of the export of agricultural products took place through seaports because it was the most effective way for our producers. Therefore, it was obvious that everything possible had to be done to restore shipping to deep-water Ukrainian ports.

At the beginning of August, the Ukrainian Navy identified a safe Ukrainian temporary corridor to/from Ukrainian deep-water ports. After that, we were able to officially work with the market, and shipowners to restore trade shipping. The administration of seaports, private and state port operators, related structures, and other representatives of the port community confirmed their readiness to work.

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