ARMA yet to transfer Morshynska mineral water brand to assigned managing company
Photo: facebook/Morshinska

The company Carpathian Mineral Waters, which won the competition for the election of the manager of Morshynska, never started the process of managing the seized asset, the Asset Recovery and Management Agency's press service told

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ARMA revealed that after the victory in the competition of Carpathian Mineral Waters LLC, on May 3, a contract was concluded with the appraiser private enterprise Gabyano and the procedure for evaluating these assets and reviewing the report began. The assessment of this seized asset has been going on for almost four months.

"The manager was selected a long time ago, but the contract has not been signed, the assessment is ongoing. There is no betrayal here, because these are corporate rights. In order to effectively manage them, the legislation must be changed. ARMA has already put a lot of effort into this," the agency said.

ARMA also added that if there are no changes to the law, this "story may end in nothing."

"ARMA has already appealed to the parliamentarians regarding the urgent consideration of our draft law," the agency noted.

In the fall of 2022, according to a court decision, ARMA received corporate rights (in particular, the Myrhorod and Morshyn plants), industrial designs and trademarks of the group's enterprises.

In April, the company Carpathian Mineral Waters was chosen as the manager of "Morshynska" assets.