European fertilizer producers sound alarm over large imports from Russia
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European fertilizer producers are concerned about the large imports from Russia, as about one-third of urea imports to the European Union come from this country, with last year's volumes nearing record levels, according to Eurostat and reported by Bloomberg.

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"There is a real risk for Europe to become a junkie of Russian cheap urea fertilizer. From the perspective of European food security, it's terrible," said Antoine Hoxha, Fertilizers Europe Director General.

European fertilizer producers sound alarm over large imports from Russia

The industry association Fertilizers Europe believes that the rise in imports from Russia undermines efforts to restore production capacities that were suspended two years ago and also increases the risk to Europe's food security.

Amid the energy crisis in 2022, most fertilizer production in Europe was halted as Russia's invasion of Ukraine limited the supply of Russian gas and increased production costs. Gas is a key raw material for nitrogen fertilizers.

Hoxha says the situation is very dangerous for European industry, which poses a long-term risk to the continent's farmers.

"It's not good to depend on anyone and especially not on Russia. And at the same time, this money is going to finance a war, an aggression," added the head of Fertilizers Europe.

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