Tax agency prepping thousands of business audits for new year
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The State Tax Service planned to conduct 3,242 audits of companies and sole proprietorships in 2024, according to Opendatabot service.

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In particular, they plan to carry out 2,328 inspections of companies and 914 inspections of sole proprietorships. This is 19% less than in 2023, when tax officials inspected 2,551 companies and 1,461 sole proprietorships.

In 61.6% of cases, tax officials will check company documents. In 28% of cases, the STS will visit sole proprietors.

At the same time, inspections of businesses that have issues concerning military levy and unified social tax will be halved compared to 2023 – 156 companies. Checks in non-resident financial companies make up only 5% of the plan.

Kyiv has the largest number of company inspections – 590. Dnipropetrovsk Oblast is in second place – 205 inspections, Lviv Oblast is third (156).

Businesses operating in the field of wholesale trade will be inspected most often – they account for as much as 22% of the total number of company inspections. Businesses in the field of agriculture and hunting will also be questioned by tax officials in 2024 – 14.8% of inspections. Rounding out the top three is the inspection of businesses in the field of retail trade – 6.9%.

In 2023, the tax service planned to check more than 4,000 companies.