Ukraine def min streamlines arms supplies to frontline

The Ukrainian defence ministry has significantly reduced the timeframe for the supply of equipment and weapons to the Armed Forces on the frontline since 1 November, it said in a statement.

The new regulations, in force during martial law in Ukraine, stipulate that it is the manufacturer that determines the technical parameters by which they will deliver products to the customer, while the military approves the list of such parameters.

Previously, the military prescribed an extensive list of these parameters in the technical specifications.

"We have cancelled excessive testing of weapons that are not related to confirming their combat capability, reduced the number of various inspections at different stages of production, leaving only the most appropriate ones, and simplified the mechanisms for supplying weapons and equipment to the troops," deputy defence minister Lieutenant General Ivan Havryliuk was quoted as saying.

The changes will also allow the troops to receive new models of weapons and equipment faster. Previously, for instance, in order to ensure the warranty period—which is 10 years for weapons—a new model of weapons and military equipment had to undergo accelerated climate testing for six months, and sometimes a year, to determine whether it would be operational for 10 years.

This requirement is now being cancelled, the Ukrainian defence ministry said.

In addition, the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defence will now insist on confirming only three factors—the effectiveness of the equipment, its safety for personnel, and reliability in operation.

"The manufacturer assumes full responsibility for the quality of the manufactured weapons, the scope of necessary tests and all the risks associated with the supply of these weapons to the Armed Forces," the defence ministry explained.