Germany wants to facilitate employment of Ukrainian refugees
Photo: Pixabay

The German government wants to speed up and streamline the employment of refugees, including from Ukraine, the country’s ministry of labour and social affairs said in a recent report, Ukrinform reports.

Germany has long suffered from lack of workers across all fields, thus having to rely on migration to fill the jobs.

More than 100,000 Ukrainians have completed an integration course in Germany, and another 100,000 will do so in the coming months, the report reads.

It adds that everyone "who has completed the integration course should gain work experience and further qualifications as soon as possible".

German social affairs minister Hubertus Gail said that his ministry and the federal employment agency are implementing a number of measures to speed up the refugees’ integration.

Among other things, the federal government would like to persuade large companies, temporary employment agencies, and industry associations to commit to employing asylum seekers—even if their German is not yet perfect.

"The special representative will support the implementation of 'turbo employment' for refugees and will regularly report to the federal government on the status of their integration into the labour market," the German social affairs ministry said in the report.

By last November, more than 100,000 Ukrainians found permanent jobs in Germany.