Precedent: US rescinds antidumping curbs on Ukrainian steel, signaling economic support

The US Department of Commerce for the first time canceled the anti-dumping measure applied to Ukrainian metallurgical products, reported the Ukrainian Ministry of Economy.

On November 16, following an administrative review of anti-dumping measures regarding the import of prestressed concrete steel wire strand to the United States, originating from Ukraine, the American department determined the dumping margin for it at the level of 0%. Before that, it was 19.30% and was effective from 2021.

According to the Ministry of Economy, there are currently seven anti-dumping measures in force in the USA regarding imports from Ukraine of such goods as ferrosilicomanganese; armature; hot-rolled flat rolled steel in rolls; rolled carbon hot-rolled flat, not in rolls; steel pipes; wire rod made of carbon and alloy steel; seamless pipes. Some of these measures have been in place since 1994.

On the website of the American Chamber of Commerce in Ukraine, it is reported that, based on the results of the review, the US Department of Commerce recognized the unique challenges for exports from Ukraine during the full-scale war waged by Russia and the fair pricing policy of PJSC Stalkanat, which exports rolled wire.

During the 2022 World Trade Organization trade policy review, Ukraine requested that all existing anti-dumping measures be lifted due to the war, which has led to a significant change in circumstances in Ukraine.

The United States said that there will be no automatic lifting of anti-dumping measures. At the same time, stakeholders were allowed to initiate a review due to a change in circumstances.

"The above successful case of Stalkanat confirms the readiness to review the AD measures for the Ukrainian producers. Therefore, now is a very good moment to ask for a review," the ACC in Ukraine said in a statement.

On November 1, the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) began the review procedures of anti-dumping measures on the import of ferrosilicomanganese into the United States, as well as fittings and rods made of carbon and alloy steel originating from Ukraine in connection with the expiration of their application period.

The turnover between Ukraine and the USA in 2021 was $4.52 billion. Ukraine has a negative balance in trade with the United States, because the volume of imports from Ukraine ($1.99 billion) is less than the volume of exports from the United States ($2.53 billion). The main export product of Ukraine to the USA is ferrous metals and their products (more than 50%).