Ukraine takes seventh place among Poland's export partners
Photo: EPA / Marek Zakrzewski

Polish farmers demand to close the border for goods from Ukraine, but if you look at the trade balance between Poland and Ukraine, it is clearly in favor of Poland, writes Rzeczpospolita. In 2021 Ukraine was only the 15th largest export market for Poland, but in 2023 it took seventh place, after Germany, the Czech Republic, France, United Kingdom, Italy and the Netherlands and ahead of the United States.

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In 2023, the value of Polish exports to Ukraine reached a record 51.7 billion zlotys ($13 billion), while imports amounted to only 20.3 billion zlotys ($5.1 billion).

The positive trade balance for Poland reaches 31.4 billion zlotys ($7.9 billion). "This is also a record," the newspaper writes.

Rzeczpospolita indicates that Polish exports to Ukraine are growing year by year.

In 2020, it only slightly exceeded 23 billion zlotys ($5.8 billion), a year later it increased to almost 29 billion zlotys ($7.3 billion). In 2022, when the full-scale war began, exports had already reached 45.6 billion zlotys ($11.5 billion), and in 2023 – up to 51.7 billion zlotys ($13 billion).

Ukraine takes seventh place among Poland's export partners
Source: Rzeczpospolita

Poland is Ukraine's main export partner.

Ukraine reduced exports to $36 billion in 2023. Imports increased by 15%, according to the State Statistics Service.